Case Studies

Streamlining enforcement processes for NSW’s transport.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is a NSW state government agency that builds and maintains roads, conducts driving tests, issues licences and registrations, and oversees harbours and waterways. RMS wanted to integrate its multiple systems into one for a more efficient and simpler way to manage cases such as traffic infringements and driving offences. Casegenix has replaced five existing systems and a range of manual processes and provided links to the NSW transport licensing database and the national driver database. The new system enables incident management, infringement processing, policy management, representation tracking, investigation case management, litigation management and outcome tracking across all breaches of road rules in NSW.

RMS now has a single view for every case, including event capture that’s integrated with camera enforcement systems, through to investigation, adjudication, enforcement, litigation and close-out. It provides workflows and is embedded with business rules and standards. It’s also flexible, so there’s the option to add more functions in the future as the business evolves.

Casegenix supports 22 different areas in the RMS and the processing of thousands of events annually. The system is designed to support a large number of internal and external users and will result in a seamless transfer of information between user groups.

RMS is expecting a 30 to 40 percent increase in case productivity, meaning quicker turnaround of cases and more cases processed. Other benefits include ensuring processing is forensically compliant, resources are better allocated, system support and infrastructure costs are reduced, information flows across business areas afford greater flexibility and security and audit trails are enhanced.


Reducing fraud in Victoria’s compensation claims.

Worksafe Victoria

Fraudulent access to workers’ compensation benefits is a significant problem for any workcover scheme.

Worksafe investigates cases of suspected fraudulent activity in relation to its scheme which provides provides worker’s compensation and rehabilitation support to injured workers in Victoria. The organisation needed a simple and efficient way to manage their investigations.

Genix built a stand-alone system for Worksafe, with automated processes and workflows. Forty-three end users now use CaseGenix to initiate cases, run investigations, prepare evidence briefs, manage reviews by lawyers, liaise with the Department of Public Prosecution, send correspondence, and report on case status and progress.

The result is more flexible data collection, improved flow of information, higher quality briefs, more visible information, better reporting, reduced costs, and improved productivity. Worksafe has experienced productivity improvements in excess of 40% since it began using Casegenix, resulting in tighter control of fraudulent behavior in Victoria.


Preventing money laundering in the US finance sector.

PNC Bank, LPL Securities and Deutsche Bank

Money laundering is a global problem. It’s estimated that the amount of money laundered each year is in the billions. There are various and sophisticated ways that money is laundered. Financial institutions need to prevent and detect money laundering as a legal requirement and to protect their reputations.

Three US finance institutions approached Genix independently wanting a better way to investigate cases of money laundering. The clients:

  • PNC Bank, a retail bank with more than 2,500 branches in the US.
  • LPL Securities, the largest independent broker-dealer in the US.
  • Deutsche Bank, a bank that offers financial products and services for corporate,
    institutional, private and business clients.

Three unique organisations with different services, products, cultures and internal processes. And they each had existing systems for managing detection, prevention,
investigation, and resolution across multiple channels, jurisdictions, lines of businesses, and customer life-cycle stages. Genix integrated their existing systems with Casegenix to initiate cases, improve information flows, management reporting, document management and reduced lead times on investigations. The result is a secure system that makes the management of money laundering investigations easier, more transparent and quicker.