Together we're stronger

Together we're stronger

Invest in a world-class solution.

A complete solution.

Casegenix offers significant functionality including flexible workflows, document management, form creation and document generation. It delivers superior product flexibility which enables Genix to rapidly adapt the system to meet changing business or regulatory compliance requirements. Casegenix allows highly targeted solutions that can cover your end-to-end IT needs.

Superior technology integration.

Casegenix is based on a four-layer technology stack designed to ensure reliability, scalability, connectivity and flexibility. The design allows the platform to be rapidly integrated with existing technology. This capability has proved successful in high throughput financial services environments, delivering significant time and cost advantages. Together with the internal integration between Casegenix platform sub-modules, Casegenix solutions are significantly more flexible, easily configured and able to be deployed quickly.

Embedded regulatory compliance.

The product architecture has been developed over the past four years and configured for deployment in various Tier 1 financial services, biomedical, government and commercial organisations. Casegenix is compatible with key software compliance requirements and has security and audit controls built-in. It’s ideally suited for use in environments that require forensic traceability and non-repudiation.

Reduced total cost of ownership.

Customer development costs required to configure the Casegenix modules have been reduced through the introduction of the new plug-in and service oriented architecture. The software has been developed using up-to-date components, avoiding the issues associated with legacy platforms. The open software can be used with both branded and freeware technology. This, in combination with a user pays licensing model, significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Flexible implementation and ease of rollout.

Costs are further contained due to the flexibility of Casegenix’s integration engine that allows any of the modules to be rapidly tailored and configured for implementation. This applies no matter how complex your business needs are, for example different combinations of workflows, forms, report templates and document storage structures can be established for each business unit with ease. Non-technical users can then easily be trained to quickly create or modify elements, as the business needs change.