Leading Technologies

Leading Technologies

We use the latest technology to innovate.

Casegenix is a web-based, open, standards-compliant, extensible platform based on a service-orientated architecture using Java Enterprise Edition technology.
The full platform can automate workflows, manage content, integrate into existing technology environments as well as hook and unhook business, administration and specialist functions quickly through its open architecture and plug-in framework. Tailored solutions are able to be designed for each client and accessed securely, maintaining privacy, through a web 2.0 enabled front-end.

Our technology is easy to configure.

You can configure Casegenix to suit your needs, including data storage, screen layouts, report layout and customised documentation. Casegenix is unique in its ability to be quickly configured at module, sub-module, screen and field levels. The plug-in framework allows service elements such as processes, entities, data sharing models, screen and field design, user forms, messaging and application flows to be hooked and unhooked as required.

The technology platforms are robust.

Casegenix version 4.0 is based on a combination of technology platforms that are industry-standard and developed in-house. The foundation technologies include Java 2 Enterprise Edition 5.0, Apache Log4j, Jetty, and JPA. Other third-party frameworks include Spring for configuration, Hibernate for database access and the VAADIN user interface builder. The environment streamlines the software development cycle for web-based solutions and provides a rich customer experience using standard web browsers.
Current version
We release new versions of Casegenix on an annual basis to include technology upgrades and new developments. Casegenix will continue to benefit from upgrades to the Genix business management process software, a world-leading software for managing complex events.